Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Watching CNN Anderson Cooper tonight I should think that I would have rejoiced that the T- shirt sewing operations had already reopened and people were back to work. However, when they gave the salary at $4.00 .... My mind went flying ahead until it invaded my brain, this is $4.00 a day and this is above the minimum wage for Haiti. That $4.00 a day is income for a household of 8 people.
I sell T-shirts as part of my promotional products business ......and of course I enjoy finding a great price for my clients, that is until it really invaded my mind that yes I am selling shirts and someone in Haiti has a sweat shop job.
I have respect for Dove Charney, the owner of American Apparel in Los Angeles because he
provides a respectful salary & benefits for his employees. Sure the cost of his products are more expensive.
I am sure there are many other types of business that take advantage of not just Haiti, but other impoverished nations.
Social Justice is needed! I do believe in a free market place and entrepreneur spirit.
I believe in education! I believe people perish because of lack of knowledge.
$4.00 a day and we look at Haiti and wonder why the people were living in shacks.
Do I have a solution? Maybe just maybe we should look at what we are willing to pay for
American jobs have gone overseas and we have high unemployment.
Do I have the answers? Absolutely not!
Will Haiti be rebuild as the Jewel it once was or will the people be exploded even more.

I believe that the Haitians should be allowed to be part of the rebuilding efforts.
The needs are many and the opportunity is great. The need for doctors, nurses, dentist,health care workers, teachers, construction workers, architects, engineers. Those who have come to the US and other countries and received the education in the past 30 years. It is a Now moment
that you can return to Haiti and rebuild and provide the training and education to take Haiti out of poverty into prosperity.
People of Haiti you deserve Social Justice!

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  1. Victor C.1/27/2010

    Very interesting Linda! I'm a free marketer myself but I do believe we should be conscious of our choices and the types companies we give our business to.

    To often we forget, even in our own county(!) that the reason we can have $1 menus or $3 car washes is because someone's willing/forced by life to accept the most menial of jobs. But those types of jobs aren't the kind that can support a family, provide a decent living, or pay for health care. The money we--our nation & culture--are willing to spend on things that ultimately have little value is staggering.

    As I quoted a Haitian on FB sometime ago "A lot of important things become unimportant today." That's what happens when one is "mugged by reality" and our theories, political maxims, and ideologies fly out the window. Our efforts in Haiti shouldn't only be about brick and mortar but about people. I hope your words come true and people step up to call of the NOW and help rebuild Haiti into a gem cut by experience and polished by the love and compassion of people around the world.

    As for me, I will do what I can to support efforts in Haiti. And after reading what you wrote, will redouble my effort in selecting the businesses I support.

    All the best!