Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What about Haiti. Haiti has made news on other occasions, hurricanes, starving children and adults, high crime rates and extreme poverty.
Haiti you have captured our hearts with a Huge Earthquake.
We can no longer ignore your PAIN! As Katrina brought attention to New Orleans and hopefully
all disaster relief personnel have taken the lessons Katrina taught and will respond quickly to this situation.
The memorial to those who have lost their lives should be that this area is rebuilt in a speedy
fashion, with modern construction and technology, clean water ( as many deaths have been due to the substandard water and waste water treatment plants that were in place.
Cruise Ship lines if you have ships you are not using why not consider donating them to house
displaced people.
My prayer today is for the Rescue of people and for strenght for the workers that are trying to restore order.
Tonight in Phoenix at The RIVER of Life
we are having a Corporate Prayer for Haiti.
All that want to join in this The River is located at 4039 East Raymond St. Phoenix, AZ 85040.
May the World come together to help a hurting Island!

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