Monday, July 12, 2010

Where did the last Six months go! Today is the 6 month anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake!
I am sure the time has not gone as fast for my friends in Haiti. Just watched a few minutes of Anderson Cooper talking with former President Bill Clinton about the issues on rebuilding and
bringing in supplies. I don't have the solution, however I find it hard to believe in this Internet age that things move so slow. I have several friends that have gone over in the last few months and find the conditions unbelievable. My friends come back and talk of the resilience of the people and that despite living on the ruble and rocks in tents ( it's hard to call some of the structures tents) they still smile and Worship God and even ask my friends how they are.

As we now have our own environmental Oil Spill issue in the Gulf, how many
people have lost jobs, lost businesses, become homeless. There should be solutions and people willing to try the solutions (alright they are trying once again today to cap the well.) Why does everything move like it is a slow motion movie or in some cases as if the pause button was pushed and someone left the room & forgot they had pushed pause.
When I look at my own needs they really seem insignificant!

My prayers go to the people of the world that are in the mist of chaos.
One solution each day we should all take a few moments and pray for
decisions to bring a relief to people in a lot of places in the world.
( the list of other problems would be too long for a blog)

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