Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I can't believe it's September 1, 2010!
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Where did the last Six months go! Today is the 6 month anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake!
I am sure the time has not gone as fast for my friends in Haiti. Just watched a few minutes of Anderson Cooper talking with former President Bill Clinton about the issues on rebuilding and
bringing in supplies. I don't have the solution, however I find it hard to believe in this Internet age that things move so slow. I have several friends that have gone over in the last few months and find the conditions unbelievable. My friends come back and talk of the resilience of the people and that despite living on the ruble and rocks in tents ( it's hard to call some of the structures tents) they still smile and Worship God and even ask my friends how they are.

As we now have our own environmental Oil Spill issue in the Gulf, how many
people have lost jobs, lost businesses, become homeless. There should be solutions and people willing to try the solutions (alright they are trying once again today to cap the well.) Why does everything move like it is a slow motion movie or in some cases as if the pause button was pushed and someone left the room & forgot they had pushed pause.
When I look at my own needs they really seem insignificant!

My prayers go to the people of the world that are in the mist of chaos.
One solution each day we should all take a few moments and pray for
decisions to bring a relief to people in a lot of places in the world.
( the list of other problems would be too long for a blog)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Watching CNN Anderson Cooper tonight I should think that I would have rejoiced that the T- shirt sewing operations had already reopened and people were back to work. However, when they gave the salary at $4.00 .... My mind went flying ahead until it invaded my brain, this is $4.00 a day and this is above the minimum wage for Haiti. That $4.00 a day is income for a household of 8 people.
I sell T-shirts as part of my promotional products business ......and of course I enjoy finding a great price for my clients, that is until it really invaded my mind that yes I am selling shirts and someone in Haiti has a sweat shop job.
I have respect for Dove Charney, the owner of American Apparel in Los Angeles because he
provides a respectful salary & benefits for his employees. Sure the cost of his products are more expensive.
I am sure there are many other types of business that take advantage of not just Haiti, but other impoverished nations.
Social Justice is needed! I do believe in a free market place and entrepreneur spirit.
I believe in education! I believe people perish because of lack of knowledge.
$4.00 a day and we look at Haiti and wonder why the people were living in shacks.
Do I have a solution? Maybe just maybe we should look at what we are willing to pay for
American jobs have gone overseas and we have high unemployment.
Do I have the answers? Absolutely not!
Will Haiti be rebuild as the Jewel it once was or will the people be exploded even more.

I believe that the Haitians should be allowed to be part of the rebuilding efforts.
The needs are many and the opportunity is great. The need for doctors, nurses, dentist,health care workers, teachers, construction workers, architects, engineers. Those who have come to the US and other countries and received the education in the past 30 years. It is a Now moment
that you can return to Haiti and rebuild and provide the training and education to take Haiti out of poverty into prosperity.
People of Haiti you deserve Social Justice!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amazing, the people have a Voice! They went out in the snow & cold weather and they voted.
President Obama I hope you stop and look at the decisions you are making and how they will someday determine your daughters destiny and the American peoples. I know you want to make a impact, however Mr. President rushing into some decisions will cause Americans to feel as though they have no choices and these decisions will become your legacy.
I hope you will realize that the people have spoken in a state that you won by more than 25 points. We want change, but we want a voice in the change. I believe that you have a chance to be a bridge between 2 political parties and serve the people of the United States instead of a political party. You do work for us Mr. President and so do the senators and the congress. How about hearing our voices and our concerns.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What about Haiti. Haiti has made news on other occasions, hurricanes, starving children and adults, high crime rates and extreme poverty.
Haiti you have captured our hearts with a Huge Earthquake.
We can no longer ignore your PAIN! As Katrina brought attention to New Orleans and hopefully
all disaster relief personnel have taken the lessons Katrina taught and will respond quickly to this situation.
The memorial to those who have lost their lives should be that this area is rebuilt in a speedy
fashion, with modern construction and technology, clean water ( as many deaths have been due to the substandard water and waste water treatment plants that were in place.
Cruise Ship lines if you have ships you are not using why not consider donating them to house
displaced people.
My prayer today is for the Rescue of people and for strenght for the workers that are trying to restore order.
Tonight in Phoenix at The RIVER of Life
we are having a Corporate Prayer for Haiti.
All that want to join in this The River is located at 4039 East Raymond St. Phoenix, AZ 85040.
May the World come together to help a hurting Island!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year to everyone. Was a very busy 4th quarter. Thanks to all my clients and my Networking friends for a great end to 2009. May prosperity be abundant in all of your lives in 2010. May you & yours have the best in health in 2010. May you receive all that God has for you and that you walk out the purpose God has for you.