Thursday, March 12, 2020

Hope: Awareness & Wisdom

My mom called me at 5:30 am.Background she is 92 and in a nursing home. She was watching TV and said "This is the First time I have seen on TV anything about the Virus you have been talking with me about.
I had made the choice not to fly in for her birthday in February. I had a cold and did not want to expose
her to my germs, as she had just recovered from 6 weeks of a really bad upper respiratory infection.
At the time she couldn't understand why I didn't want to come to see her, She had not seen it on TV
that there was a problem.
      As a Promotional Product Consultant for 30 + years I have seen lots of changes in my Industry.
The first month after 911, business seemed to Stop, Then I realized it was me that also stopped.
In 2003 I moved my business home. The Best decision for me, and the second was becoming an affiliate of
Ipromoteu in the Spring of 2008.
Now for the Hope! For me it is my Faith!
Already seeing Creativity in Digital innovation!
 Check this out: a 17 year old created this site that updates every minute.
Knowledge Data on Virus

Also know that this is a wake up call for more American Made Products. The products used in the Medical field is one of the largest problem areas we have, most are produced overseas and a lot of buyers were looking for "cheapest" price. Some of the largest wholesale suppliers are out of critical products at this time, and the Companies that are manufacturing things in USA or having back-order issues, because of the new
focus on buying USA made.
2nd challenge Social Distancing. The Tools exist to do Virtual Visits and most are on your Smart phones.
More too come.

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