Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Earth Quake In Utah? and more

Largest  Earth Quake since 1992 a 5.7  in Salt Lake City,  Utah at 7:09 am today. 
In a normal News day this would be all over our TV's. 
I am in the promotional products business and received a email  from one of my suppliers.
saw the subject line 
10:24 AM Earthquake and Covid-19 update
My brain took a few seconds to process the subject line.
Thank God all the people were SAFE.
My life has changed! Had not been to COSTCO since March 1st and it was crazy that day.
Today much to my surprised it was a 5 Star experience.
 Yes, there was a line, probably waited about 10 minutes and once in the store: 
The carts had been sanitized 
 The many pallets of bottle water were abundant and were conveniently located 
Most things were in abundant supply.
Employees were helpful and the people stocking the products  thanked me for shopping at COSTCO
Check out was fast.
Other Customers  were great about keeping the "Social Distance" and friendly.
My thoughts hopefully we show each other more "Love" and respect.
I had a friend call before I headed to COSTCO, they couldn't find milk or eggs at their local stores today.
I picked up the items and called them from the store and found a couple of other items that they needed.
Look out for those who shouldn't be going out. check on friends and neighbors.
Stay Safe and Healthy!


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