Sunday, June 07, 2015

Bloom in the Desert

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Anyone who knows me, Knows that I run after new technology!
I began my blog in 2006 and to be upfront, I am totally inconsistent.
was involved in Hello World (video email)in 2007
Yes my last post was  December 2013. 2014 was a year of drama.
I will not write on that today.
All ended well by the end of January 2015.
I have much to be thankful and grateful and all the Glory to my God.
So why return to blogging. Just jumped into the Digital World.
Have had the same mobile phone provider since 1996.
 Just Dumped my landline provider and added that number 602-454-2727 as a mobile.
My question why did I wait so long?
In March I saw the live feeds on the news media from SXSW
and the hot topic was the app
Meerkat. Immediately went to google app store
 to find it was only available for iphones.
When the android version was available,
Yes I jumped in and have been on a focused goal
to learn how this technology works and what I can do with it.
I also downloaded Periscope.
Think my favorite will be Meerkat.
So much to learn,
 I found two knowledgeable people in the Meerkat family
and watched their shows last week
@livingchic   Lydia Mattison
@aeazy5  Adrian Hardiman
After today:
 Streaming the church I attend worship service on Meerkat
Many unprepared.
 So  need a class 101 Meerkat.
this week I will be taking notes.
I want to look like the Bloom in the photo,
however it only last for 1 day.
I want to be more consist in all areas of my life,
Let's see if  I can Blog here on Promolady
 and develop a show for Meerkat platform.
What will I choose to film and talk about.
I know you should never talk politics or religion,
 however those topics are a part of my life.
I am not a watcher ... I am a doer!
So much to share.
more to follow ( no pun intended,
Hope everyone had the best weekend

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  1. Here's to the growth and bloom of your social media knowledge and skill. Greatly appreciate your authenticity through the vulnerability. There is beauty in the consistency of being inconsistent! High five on the boldness of the process of blooming. Thank You for sharing your insights! ;>)