Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who is Promolady

I love the digital world, little did I know
in 1996 when I started
Diamondback Promotions, llc

the direction that technology would play in my company.  Emails & computers  were slow to transmit  art to the few vendors that had emails  & would take hours. My smart phone has more memory than my 1st computer and certainly faster speeds. I had dial-up. Today promotional products have expanded & combine multi-media. Social

media & web design & mobile websites.

Video is part of most campaigns. All social media can be combined with promotional items. It is important to have a consultant

Who has the creative talent & is resourceful to get the best ROI for your brand. I believe we are each the brand for the products we represent. Relationship Marketing is a Number One.



Along the way owning a company

Produced  stress in my life & the stress relievers I sold weren’t handling my levels of stress.

Then I discovered Money wasn’t my goal.

I wanted to be healthy. I discovered  a health & nutrition company that

Repairs DNA ( what I knew about DNA I had learned from the OJ Simpson trial.)

Well now I know more & the benefits are

too many to share here. Check out my website  above and learn how AC11  repairs DNA 
and call me to talk about what you want to achieve. (Purple Plus & Activar)

We also have the most amazing product

BLD ( enzyme & probiotics)  This is one product that I don’t want to be without.

Also release 6-10 pounds in 10 days  with

Fusion Shakes

Also added Kangen water ( Enagic )

Change your water change your life!

What else do I enjoy?

Motivation & Personal Growth

This is my newest line

It is the mobile app that will pay you!

It will provide short videos on

Personal Development & motivation

I said no to Microsoft when it was

A start up!

This is a Pre-Launch Opportunity

No Risk!

You can find me on twitter, Facebook,

Instagram, pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+,,Google hangout, Skype, & more.

Email  or text me & let’s get connected!

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