Wednesday, January 12, 2011

As most of you know I own a  Promotional Products company. Just received this blog from my screen printer and wanted to let the world know that we in Arizona do pull together. I think the guys at Info Screen Printing  are amazing and Kudos to McCreary's Tees. I hope this article lets the world see a different
view of the people in Arizona.   click  to read Together we Thrive
Info  Screen Printing I love you Guys!
I am sure most of us are sad today and have been in shock since Saturday Morning.
If we all remember to Love each other and know that we are all unique people with many different
opinions, and that we can think different but still have respect & love for each other. Life is precious and we need each other. My heart is broken and I pray for each person, that our God can provide  healing for our Nation and the World.  

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