Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It feels like last day of Summer

Hi World
Just signed in to my blog..when I saw the date of my last post... total guilt occupied my thoughts for a moment, then I took charge got a chocolate energy bar & all is OK now.
However after the energy bar I focused  my  mind & reviewed all that I have accomplished  in the last year.
More about my Adventures in a future blog.
I am not sure why this seems like the last day of summer. My friends daughter starts school next Monday.
I think my Mindset is stuck on my school days when we started at the end of summer.
My goal from now on is to post  once  week. Catch me on social media & remind me!
Fell in love ......with Instagram! (user name lindavmartin).
Will post some Promotional Products info in the next few days  for now .... visit my updated site http://www.diamondbackpromotions.com
Have a great August... May American win a record # of Gold Medals. Go USA. God Bless America.

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