Thursday, July 02, 2009

To: All My Friends, Clients and Vendors
the Ipromoteu Staff

Since this is a Blog

also to the people I have yet to meet

Lot's of changes in our world in the last year.
As I woke up this morning to the news on the radio !!!
( Lot's of towns have canceled their fireworks for the 4Th )
A Tradition in USA since 1700's!
That has always been one of my favorite parts of the day.
I know the 4Th is not just about fireworks.
We have lost a lot more this year. The list would be too long for this Blog.

I hope that we all consider how we can change our country
back to the original intent of the founders. If each person
made a decision to return to the values and elected the people who do have integrity & moral values and dump the politicians who have no moral or ethical values; that would be a great start.

If each of us let people know we care about them & we began to listen instead of focusing on our thoughts ( I know I'm guilty on this one)

My prayers go out to the military people who are protecting our country, for the freedoms that we enjoy.
Celebrate the 4Th and then let's make this a better world!

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  1. Hey Linda, it's great to see someone stick up for our country's values it was formed by. Sad to say many are just too busy to even care until it will be too late. Happy 4th of July!