Friday, April 03, 2009

The world we live in is changing. I have personally wanted to keep up with all that is happening.

That, I have discovered was and is impossible.

The last 3 months have gone by as fast as the changes. Our President today was telling other countries that we Americans need to change and they also need to have a change in attitude. As I watch our President in his presentations, He is selling all the time, and his audiences are as diverse as his presentation.

He is always on message! Yes we can ! and the need for Change!

I've been in Promotional Products sales for 20 + years. Not only is our world changing, so is the

Industry I'm involved in.

As our President presented the Queen a iPod ( something she already had),
My brain went into action ( I didn't) My thoughts were that as Promotional Products Consultant to the Our President, I would have done the research & developed a gift that there was
NO WAY even the Queen would have this Gift.

Promotional Products does not have to be a item that anyone can go out & buy retail, It can be a
unique gift that is from some of the fine crafts or artist community. Also, the Promotional Products vendors that produce the products for our clients have some incredible talent and can make almost anything.

A Unique GIFT
I think back to a time when I had a client request Engraved Silver Bars. I ended up going to a place that sold Gold & Silver & then took them to a engraver for personalization.

I decided in January that this Blog would be about Promotional Products and Creative Solutions using our Products.

I have a passion for the Economy & Politics and I'm sure from time to time, I will not be on the message of Promotional Products.

Today My Heart & My Prayers are with the families that lost a loved one in Binghamton, NY shootings & the families of the fallen Police Officers in Pittsburgh, PA.

I would like to encourage each of us to pray for the Nations, our President and our local Leaders.

The World will not recovery overnight & everyone needs to search their heart & look outside of their small world to make a difference in the World they can touch & reach.

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